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The GET IN THE VAN Video of "Catch A Wave For Molly"
by Joe Carter from the ESPN website.

The GET IN THE VAN Video of the LAST DAY of my
"Catch A Wave For Molly" Surf Campaign.
By Joe Carter from GITV...

July 26th 2011-July 26th 2011 D-DAY
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
LIFT OFF!!! We Have a LIFT-OFF! One Year
of Surfing EVERY SINGLE DAY Mission Completed! Long Live MOLLY ROWLEE!!!

I know this might shock a few of you, but...I am sort of stuck for words here.

I mean, I have so many things to say and so many people to thank. I'm not sure as to where, or how to start this final blog. I know a lot of you have become good friends and supporters of my cause over this past year. While some of you have been friends for such a longtime. And I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life. My family and friends are such an important part of my life.

I've always known that, and have tried to convey that to others. We are nothing without each other. Love and respect. Two simple, but very important words. An undying love for each other. Family and friends are all about that.

My undertaking was never about finding a cure for cancer. This mission was simple.

Raise money for the families of children who are battling this awful disease while raising awareness of those we have lost. My best friend Joe Somogyi. My mother Eva. My friend Linda Paugh. And the countless of others I have known. Relatives and friends, all taken before their time by cancer. And of course Molly.

I knew Molly Rowlee. I had spoken with her. I had laughed with her. I had seen and heard her laughter. I had seen the light shining bright in her heart. I saw the love and warmth of her entire family. And I loved them all. Buck, Meighan, and her little brother Kieran.

When I proposed this mission to them back in April of 2010, there were concerns.

My age and physical health came into play. After all, this commitment was serious. At my age, and during the winter months? It was going to be a handful. We all knew that. My wife was really concerned, because let's face it, we are not what we all used to be some 10 or 20 years ago. And surfing can be demanding on any given swell, let alone 365 consecutive days.

But as I explained to both my wife and the Rowlees, I would work on getting back into shape. And I did. I trained hard and lost close to 30 pounds. I got back into my Marine Corps fighting shape. Pumping out hundreds of push-ups each week, running many miles during the week, and most importantly getting on a healthy diet.

Slowly but surely I got back down to a weight class that I had not seen in years.

Some of my friends thought I was sick and losing weight because they thought, well they thought I was dying. Ha! Though at times it felt like I was. I just knew I had to be thin and agile again to surf everyday. And quite frankly, I was digging my new lightness. Note to self. If you want to surf good you better look good.

But even in the best of shape things can go wrong. Getting sick in December for some 20 odd days was a drag. Missing the daylight hours and surfing at night. I did that twice. Getting hit in the face with my board. That really sucked. And having my board have three solid ding repairs. At all different times. Of course throw in the
New England winter weather and well, you got yourself a challenge.

But like I've told my kids many times. Quitting is easy. Anyone can quit.

Fighting to the end is hard. Never quitting, picking yourself back and up and fighting is the hard thing to do. And that's what I brought to the table. I know I'm no where near the surfer that most people are. But I also know that I am disciplined and dedicated and most importantly, I am a man of my word. I simply would never quit.

And I didn't. I saw so many amazing things this past year. Simply breathtaking images and sights and sounds. I considered myself a lucky man to bear witness to
all of these amazing occurrences. Very lucky.

Of course there were some not so lucky times as well.

But they were few and far between. There were many more good things than bad.
And I am a richer man for having seen them and absorbed them. I saw it all. The very best of nature and some of the toughest.

But here I am on the last day. And it seemed like it was going to be a disaster.

Every single weather station had it Thundering and Lightening at 6:00PM tonight. I thought we were doomed. But we were not. An hour after I pulled up at the Wall at 10th Street, the sun came out, and the wind died down, and the surf came up. It was like we had found our own private oasis. And all my friends and family! Oh my God. I saw so many friendly faces. And the big surprise? My friend who flew 3,000 miles to be there tonight. Beth Harrington. We reconnected on facebook, and there she was in person, at the wall tonight. Unbelievable.

Someone asked me later, "did I feel Molly's presence." I pointed to the sun and blue skies. The warm water and fun waves.

"There's your answer. " Molly's presence was always there. Always. And never more than today. I spent some quality time with Buck, Meighan, and Kieran today. They are super human and just so full of love. There was never any doubt in their minds that today would be just the way it turned out. It was amazing.

I must of kissed and hugged a thousand people tonight . So much love.

My wife Cory and children Gabby, Max, and Noelle...I love you all.
All my dear and close friends, there are too many to name. You know who you are. You know I love you all. To those I see in person, to those I only communicate with on the big WWW...I love you guys.

I gave a short speech. "This is about three things. Surfing. Community. And Love.
We are standing in a Sea of Love." And I added one more line. "And the name
Molly Rowlee will live forever!" And with that I paddled out, with Hawaiian Leis
from Hawaii and caught my wave and then everyone joined in and surfed with me.

So many was surreal.

Me and Molly's father Buck after our surf. I love this guy. He is an amazing person.

Me and Molly's mother Meighan. It's still very hard for this brave woman.

If I could bring Molly back for even a day. I would surf a thousand days of the coldest and meanest winter days in a row. I swear I would. But I know I can't do that.

And so I walked away from the ocean tonight. Not really knowing when I'll be back again. It could be tomorrow...but then, maybe not. We'll have to wait and see.

I stopped to say hello and goodbye for the last time with Molly. Oh I'll be back from time to time. But not like before. I'll pray for my sister Evamarie and ask for Molly's help. And I know she will do whatever she can from the other side to help.

But this is it for the Daily Blog...I hope you enjoyed the journey. And that you got something out of this. I hope you all take the time to stop and help someone along the way. Put a smile on someone's face. Sacrifice a part of you. Lend a hand.

I plan on reformatting this whole blog from start to finish, including some of my
hand written notes on the calendar. That will be fun to go back and read.

And Of course, I'll still be posting my weekly blog. Especially all the photos from even though this is the end of the daily. It's not the end of me. I'll still be writing once a week. Posting pics and video, and still slinging my personal babble.

That's it my was the last day. I won't be back tomorrow.

I love you all...and please don't ever forget...

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 25th 2011-July 26th 2011 Day 365
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 1 DAY...

I guess we're closing in on this thing kids...after tomorrow, it will just be repeats.
You know, Re-runs on the "Catch a Wave For Molly" Blog. But hold on now, because I've got something to add to this amazing year. Just when I thought, my daily surf could not get any more special than it has. Especially this past weekend. Today happened. What was so special about today you ask?

Well, I'm fixing to tell y'all.

10 years ago, my son Max joined me on my final surf. That was July 26, 2001.

That day was raining, much like today and (tomorrow), and there were a few people in attendance, that are no longer with us. My Mother Eva, Ray Hackett, Howie Lister, and I think, I even caught a glimspe of Todd Ross in the dated video clip.

Here's a photo of he and I on the first day...July 26, 2000. Clearly we both had no idea what I was in for back then. I think that's why I looked concerned. Mackey
was always smiling back in those days.

And today was almost like a mirrored image of that day ten years ago. I was pleasantly surprised when Max walked into my office and asked if I'd gone surfing yet. When I told him "no," he asked if he could join me. I was stoked!
Photo by Kyle Linseman.

So Max rode the "Guac" which is almost the same color as the board he rode ten years ago...I of course, was riding Big Black. Then he asked if he could take a photo of me surfing. "Are you kidding me? Yea sure..."

So Mackey snapped this one of me. In mid-salute. Kind of cool I thought.

I was so happy, I let Mackey ride Big Black...I like this shot. Max sitting there waiting for a wave...on my next to last day...just like we did 10 years ago.

First ever photo of ANYONE but me riding this board...Mackey on Big Black.

Back on the Guac, MVF and I had a great father and son sesh. It was so special.

I was more than happy to share DAY 365 with Max. And I believe he felt the same.

Driving back down to Molly's spot, we said hello and goodbye until tomorrow. I can't wait to see all of Molly's family and friends might rain, so dress accordingly. I know I will...besides, it won't be the worse weather I've surfed in during the last 365 days...of that I am certain.

That's 365, only 1 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 24th 2011-July 26th 2011 Day 364
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 2 DAYS...

I got such a late start today. The party last night we attended took a toll on me. The Grondins were celebrating their 22 Wedding Anniversary and our friends Steve and Donna were visiting from New York. I still haven't gotten over the absolute euphoria from yesterday's session with Kevin, Steve, and Gabby. That will stay with me for a while. It's all part of this amazing year. Reconnecting with old friends and family.

I headed down to 16th Street today because the Whistle Blowing Lifeguards were already enforcing the Surf zone, and therefore eliminating my choice for where I'd wanted to surf. Just as well, I ran into my good friend Salt, who actually helped me document the day. Salt is such a good guy. That's his shadow with mine in the pic.

This was my first wave. Not bad considering how crowded it was out there. I had several potential hitchhikers I had to dissuade from hopping onboard the Ralphie train...I was very discreet about it...just a few soft "Hey...hello" and they backed off.
I saw one guy cock his head at me as I saluted. I'm sure he had no idea what I was doing. I just smiled.

I walked down to 18th Street to say hello to Molly. I used my two fingers to create the letter "Y" in her name...I don't know, I thought I was being clever. It's hard to believe that it's just two more days of this left. Just two...

That's 364, only 2 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 23rd 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 363
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 3 DAYS...

Just think, in 3 Days, this daily blog will be over. I do however, plan on leaving it up indefinitely. But as far as the daily babble...? After July 26th it's done. Over. Kaput. That's all she wrote...or rather, that's all "he wrote." I'll still be blogging the weekly, but the daily is coming to an end. It has been an amazing ride. So many things that have happened during the last year, that it's hard to keep track of them all.

And I have to was one of those special days.

Most of you have seen the names on my board. You know of course, that Molly's name is on top, followed by my mother Eva, and directly below my mother's name is my late best friend Joe Somogyi. He's number 3 on my list of names. Today was so special in so many levels, that it's really hard to convey. But I'm going to try.

Joe's brother Steve and his wife Donna came up from New York to visit with us. Steve really wanted to see me catch a wave during this yearlong fundraiser. I've known Steve for as long as I knew Joe. And we remained close long after Joe passed away in 1978.

For Steve and Donna to come and visit us was special. They are staying with Kevin and Kim Grondin. Today is Kevin and Kim's Wedding anniversary. Kevin and Kim were very close to Joe as well. But Kevin and I had surfed with Joe for many years. We were tight as close surfer buddies could ever get. Steve is not really a surfer, but he wanted to paddle out with Kevin and I today.

And well, he did and the experience was something that I will never forget for as long as I live. At one point, Kevin and I looked at each other and I swear we both thought the same thing. If Joe had lived long enough, he would look like Steve. Seeing Steve paddle and catch waves on his own was so special. It was like we were seeing Joe again. I can't tell you how much that meant to us.

That's Steve on the left, with me in the middle, and Kevin.

We caught so many waves together. I caught my first wave for Molly, and my second wave was for my sister, and my third was Joe, as was my fourth, and my fifth, and sixth..and well, you get the picture. Today was Joe's Day.

And to make this day even more Special... on DAY 363 My Last 3 oldest of 3 kids, my daughter Gabby joined us. There are many more photos from today and I will post them all in my weekly RALPH'S PIC blog on Sunday. But today it's just the three for three.

Again, today was one of the MOST special days I've had in the last 363 Days. No question about it. I feel blessed to have the friends and family I blessed.

That's 363, only 3 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 22nd 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 362
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 4 DAYS...

I woke up this morning and my wife said there was a story about my Catching a Wave For Molly in the local paper. The Hampton Union is our Seacoast Newspaper. They have been wonderful supporting this journey all year long. Patrick Cronin who wrote the story, did a great job conveying the many little stories that made up this one year long journey.

You can read it here.

And it has been one long and beautiful ride. Filled with every emotion in my being. From sheer joy and happiness to the depths of sorrow and sadness.

It will be a year that I will never forget.

It all reminded me of 10 years ago...that buzz that's in the air.

I went down to catch four waves today. One for Molly. One for my sister Evamarie. One for Myra Kraft (The New England Patriots Matriach) and one for Terry Sullivan a friend who lives here in Hampton. I had no idea he was sick. Cancer. He died this past Tuesday. I hate cancer. Rest in peace Terry.

I was sitting on my board and stuck my camera underneath the board and snapped this image. I thought you would like to see something different from me today.

Notice I have four fingers on Molly's name today...and I'm smiling.

That's 362, only 4 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 21st 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 361
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 5 DAYS...

I feel like I'm on the Last Space Shuttle. Ironically, that all came to an end early this morning. Though that's a bit more significant than some old guy surfing everyday. I will say that I'm going to miss that program. As I'm sure so will millions of others.
I guess we can't afford the gas to go up into space anymore.

This blog has always been a transparent day to day logging of my life. A blog with no filters. I figured at this point in the game you all know that. And you are OK with it. My life and what has happened to me in the last 361 days has been posted here.

So having said that, here's the latest on my sister Evamarie.

So my sister did not go into Mass General today. She needs to back up and re-group and try it again tomorrow. It's easy for the rest of us to tell her she needs to do this but ultimately it's up to her. She needs to step up and say "OK I'm ready. Let's kill this thing..." Hopefully, that day is coming soon.

Meanwhile ....

There's the last 5's all coming to an end.

I didn't wear a wetsuit and regretted it this morning. It was cold. But I caught my 3 waves and saluted on all three.
photo by Scura/Ladds

Wave and salute number 2...this looks funny to me. I mean who the hell does this?
I hope 20 years from now
when my kids look at these photos they will get a kick out of know, "Look at dad saluting on every wave..." photo by Scura/Ladds

This is the last and final wave by Scura/Ladds

361, only 5 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 20th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 360
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 6 DAYS...

I guess I wasn't prepared for seeing the number 360 in the sand today. It stopped me in my tracks. It was not that long ago, when I thought that number was just so far off. Seeing it in the sand, staring back at me was a moment of mixed feelings for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad and happy to be on the cusp of this thing coming to an end, it's just that the reality of it all, is suddenly creeping up on me.

If it's hard for you to believe, imagine what it feels like to me.

A pulled back look at this morning's scene.

A friendly beach walker offered to take a couple of photos of me. Here I am paddling out to my favorite rock cropping. The water was very warm I'm not wearing a wetsuit. She and her husband are aware of what I'm doing. Her name is Carol. Thanks Carol.

My very first wave and salute. I ended up catching three waves today. All ending with my trademark salute. Photo by Carol S.

This might be my favorite photo of Big Black in action. Look at the lip folding over in the lower right corner. I managed to get up on the nose right after I shot this.

Saying good morning to Molly. It was really a beautiful summer day. One of my last self portrait photos...just 6 more days of these
Ralph Pics...

360, only 6 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 19th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 359
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 7 DAYS...

It's not that I don't believe I'm going to make it. I do believe, and I know that I will. It's just that nagging 10% that is always there. That freak accident. The loose board. It's out there. But it's been there since I started. And yes I know the harder days are behind me. But I just get a little uptight when people say, "Man you made it!" Because in reality, I have NOT made it, until one week from today. So please hold the "You made it" comments until I actually do make it...Thanks.

Don't ask me how I knew. But the water was cold again today. I could just feel it.

And so it is written (in the sand)...7 Days and a wake up...

Big Black waiting for me...I really fell in love with this board this year.

A family of SEVEN Sea Ducks swam past me.
Yes I said 7 on Day 7. That's a sign.

The self portrait salute. This is way harder than it looks to pull off. I typically have the camera in my teeth when I paddle for a wave. Then pulling it out and facing it towards me to get the shot is a hit or miss situation. Most times I miss.

Connecting with Molly. "We're getting close kid... "

The Last 7 week from today....I plan on finishing strong.

359, only 7 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 18th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 358
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 8 DAYS...

It's getting close. It has been for a while now, but now that I'm down to single digits it seems real close. I'm sort of torn between being happy and a little apprehensive.
I have so much on my mind these days. But I must stay focused.

My sister is starting Radiation on Thursday at MGH in Boston. It will be 5 days a week for 8 weeks. And it's late in the day. 4:00PM. She might not make it back in time for my final wave. But she's coming up to hang on the beach.

Be strong Evamarie. Be strong.

There was still something leftover from the weekend swell. I was happy.

The sun does not shine every day. Of that I am certain.

There it is. The message in the sand. The Final 8 Days...

Gee I look a little rough around the edges here. I shaved right after my waves.

It was small and grayish green today. But plenty enough for me to ride.

The young surfers I shared the day with. All of them nice kids.

One of them was kind enough to snap a pic of me saluting. Photo by Jon Kiskinis

358, only 8 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 17th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 357
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
T-Minus 9 DAYS...

I am here in the world of single digits. NINE DAYS REMAINING. 9 days and counting.

Can you see the number 9 in this wave? Look at the curl, and use a little bit of your imagination. See it? I shot this wave this morning.

There were pretty little waves today. I shared them with three other Military Veterans. One of whom is really something special. And he's a good surfer to
boot. I just met him and his family last night. I am happy to say that you can all sleep better at night knowing that men and women like my friend are keeping watch over us.

Surfing is fun for all ages. Just ask my friend Chris here...

This is Mike Sidebottom. Mike's a really good longboarder.

There were quite a few of these lefts popping up on the outside sandbar this morning. We took
advantage of them.

That's Tom walking his way to the nose.

That's Tom surfing his way south. We had so much fun out there today.

Me and Tom. He's a great guy. I
saluted three times this morning. One for Molly. One for my sister, and one for Tom.

357, only 9 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 16th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 356
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 10 DAYS...

I guess it's safe to say, that starting tomorrow, I will be in the single digits. I am
closing in on this thing. I'm starting to feel it. I'm not overly confident. But I feel it. I mean anything can happen (knock on wood). The surf yesterday had serious consequences. And even today, some guy's board hit me. And we were the ONLY two out. He hit my wrist. It hurt a little. But not enough to warrant any kind of verbal or other action. In fact, the guy was from New Jersey and we became friends right before the incident.

My point is I am not out of the woods just yet.

But honestly? Today was another special day. Meeting my new found friends at the beach is always a treat. There's one guy who could pass for my late uncle Ralph. He tunes into this blog and even snaps a few pics for me. Like this one below.

I will miss taking this walk everyday. Especially now that it's so nice and warm. I did not wear a wetsuit today. I trunked it. You know..."Sans neoprene."

I shot this of myself as I went screaming along the inside section.

I shot a few empty waves as well. Hard to pass up on these gems.

Another goofy self portrait. It was so warm out there this morning.

I could shoot these all day long. I love watching empty waves unfold.

Then I said hello to Molly. I felt her presence today.

I ran into Ed and we thought we'd try a different spot. This was the view on my first ride. Pretty neat huh? I was hitting kelp beds as I zipped along t
he inside.

Just below the surface is a whole other world.

Ed shot this from the beach. It was just me and o
ne other guy out.

I look like I have my late father's tan. My first time trunking it riding Big Black.
It was such a fun session. Thanks Ed. Hand Salute to you my brother.

356, only 10 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 15th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 355
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 11 DAYS...

If yesterday was a day of less than perfect waves, today was just the opposite. It was picture perfect and guess who did not take photos until after I surfed and the wind came onshore...? BAM! I feel embarrassed that I did not shoot until later. I know of only one other person who took photos. Johna Klebenov. I hope she sends me the proof...because I am telling you all today was good. No scratch that. Today was REAL GOOD! Oh my God...was it good.

You can't tell from this daily self portrait, but those waves were firing on all cylinders out there. There were a few overhead drops on some of those set waves. I was freaking giddy out there. I mean, I was excited yesterday. But today? I was feeling like a kid. Like a grom. Like a surf stoked grom! In fact, I caught a BIG Bomb in front of my buddies Mike Keefe and Tom Woods, and fired off a sharp salute as I raced down the line. Man I was like a kid in a candy shop...what a day.

I just snapped this quickly before I went out. I couldn't concentrate on shooting.

Later in the afternoon I snapped a few. This is Billy Ritchie "toes on the nose. "

And this is Skip. Clearly the better waves were earlier in the morning.

I'm sorry I was selfish and did not shoot until later. I am after all, a Surfer. And you know what a surfer is like when the surf comes up...Ha!

That's 355, only 11 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 14th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 354
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 12 DAYS...

One might think that after all this time I might tire of waves that are less than picture perfect. You know, less than offshore, glassy and clean. One might think that. But then you would be wrong. This morning I surfed alone, in waist to chest high, super warm, but super funky conditions, and I had a blast.

What does that make me? Crazy? Or just a stoked surfer? What do you think?

There was no one around. Where was everyone? I mean it was 8:30AM...? Huh?
Just me and my JEEP Commander....

Finally another surfer. Kai Nichols showed up with his cool rig. This is a classic set-up. I love this kid... I've known Kai since he was a year old...he's hardcore all the way. I mean how freaking classic is this rig?

Matt Colby was having fun in the waist to chest high. Get on it's still happening. Minimal rubber required. It's warm.

Is it waist high? You tell me...

That's 354, only 12 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 13th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 353
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 13 DAYS...

I'm sure some of you are wondering where my other board is. You know, "Big Black." Well, as hard as this is to believe, my board hit me in the shins the other day, and I not only put a hole in my leg, but I actually put a hole in my board. In fact, the hole is in the exact same place as the other ding that hit me in the face back in May. You can't make this stuff up. So it's heading off to the "Lord Of The Dings" Mike Stanek, and hopefully, I'll get it back within a few days.

Meanwhile, I'm riding my ole "Semper Fi". This is the board I rode during my first 365 Surf Marathon 10 years ago. I have some fond memories of surfing on this board. We've been through a lot together. I have personal relationships with all
my boards. They are just like my guitars. Each one is special to me. Each one holds a special place in my heart. Photo by Ginger Kellar.

I ran into some of the "Loco" Surfers before I paddled out. Marcus, Jake, and Jared.

My first wave was for for Molly of course. Photo by Marcus Davidson.

My 2nd wave was for Linda Paugh. Photo by Marcus Davidson.

And my 3rd and best wave was for my sister Evamarie. Photo by Marcus Davidson.

And as I was walking away, a lone gull flew over my head and I snapped this pic.

That's 353, only 13 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 12th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 352
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 14 DAYS...

This day had been marked on my calendar for quite some time. Molly's day of passing. Her day of crossing over to the next world. It's right up there with the other significant days. Her Birthday. The First 100 Days. The Halfway mark. The First 200 days. The First 300 days. You know. Days that mean something to the Fundraiser.

This was the first thing I did this morning at 10th Street. I wrote this in the sand.

This was the 2nd thing I did. This was Molly's Special Wave. My friend Nick Africano took the photo for me.

I took a photo of these sparkles in the water...I was looking for signs. And I guess they are al
ways there. You just have to open your eyes and your heart.

Like this Gull. Does the letter "M" not appear in the Gull's shape?

My daughter Noelle made this tonight. It was a sweet gesture.

My wife Cory, my friend Tony, and my daughter Noelle
joined me.

10 hours later, the message was still there. My wife left these flowers from our yard.

We all miss you Molly, but no one more than your family. There is so much LOVE
in our little world here on the Seacoast. We also know that you are still here, and you show up and pay us visits without us knowing.

Someday we will all know what you know. Meanwhile, know that you are always in ou
r thoughts. And the mere mention of your name, brings smiles to our faces. That's powerful stuff Molly.

352, only 14 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 11th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 351
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 15 DAYS...

Today was a good day. The sun was shining. The water was warm. I saw some of the local kids. Like the Kellar kids. They are all tuned into what I'm doing and why.
Every time I run into one of Molly's friends, or kids her age, they always acknowledge Molly. And as much as this is a Fundraiser, it's also our goal to keep Molly's memory alive. And I am happy to say. That is exactly what is happening.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow is going to be a sad day. There's no getting around it. It is the anniversary of Molly's passing. Two years ago. As hard as it seems to be for you and I, one can only imagine how hard it has to be for the Rowlee family. For the last two years, we have gathered at 10th Street at around 6:00PM. That's where I'll be tomorrow.
Photo by Ginger Kellar

The same spot that Molly came to visit back in May. Photo by Barbara Savastano
Just a few of us hanging out and being together. I'll be gone by 6:30PM.

That's 351, only 15 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 10th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 350
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 16 DAYS...

This day kind of snuck up on me. Whoa DAY 350. Someone asked me on the beach what day I was on. And when I said it out loud, we both were surprised. "350...?"
I got a bit giddy, or was it goofy? I don't know. All I know is, I had a smile that wouldn't quit today. I ran into another friend who has seen "the photo" for the first time. He wanted to know my take on it.

My take on it has not changed. Molly has somehow responded from all the constant love and remembrance of her name and life. Whatever caused that image to appear in that photo has had nothing but a positive affect on all of us.

I went out late today. Around 12 noon. That damn weekly blog takes up so much of my time. I was also waiting for my nephew Jesse (QWILL) to show up. We have not surfed together yet during this Fundraiser. He was driving up from the city.

But I could not wait any longer. The surf was good, the water was warm and I caught a dozen waves before he showed up. This photo (above) was taken after my first session without him. My smile was infectious.

Jesse showed up with his Keyboard player Ben and his lovely girlfriend Kay and
we had a good surf. It was great. Jesse's son Jaiden joined in and we all hung out at 10th Street. My wife Cory, my other sister Donna, her husband Michael, his daughter Nina and Livy. It was a family beach outing. Sort of...

I'm having Deja Vu. This all seems so familiar to me. Like 10 years ago...July 2000 to July 2001...and now July 2010 to July 2011. 16 Days left...

That's 350, only 16 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 9th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 349
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 17 DAYS...

Just as expected, the cowardly lunatic church group, Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas, never showed up at the the Funeral service for local ARMY Soldier Nicholas Bernier. However, The Patriot Guard were there in Full Force protecting the family as were other police and Veterans alike. I was one of them.

Lining the streets in Exeter, NH this morning, the Patriot Guard are made up of men and women Military Veterans from all over New England. They are based all over the United States. They show up at every funeral. Simply to stand for the fallen, and to protect the families from the sick and deranged groups like WBC.

I looked over my shoulder and spotted this. This my friends is simply called respect.

This is my friend James. His son is a Sgt in the Army who served two tours in combat. His T-shirt reads ARMY DAD. My son was on the Wrestling team that wrestled against Spc. Nicholas Bernier's team. I have photos and video of those matches. I'm not sure I can look at them the same again.

Earlier in The Day I did the only thing I could do for Spc Bernier. I caught and rode a wave for him and saluted.

So I caught three waves today. One for Molly. One for my sister, and one for Spc Nicholas Bernier. And after this blog today, this will be the last time I will speak on those losers from Kansas. They are not worth the time and effort it takes to type these words.

Finally it was time to switch hats and head on over to the SURF EXPO.
What a great time that was. All the Surf Art and Surf Photos and oh yea LIVE Music. I got to jam some Hendrix tunes with Rich and Adam. It was a great way to end this emotional rollercoaster ride of emotions today.

Photo by Ed O'Connell.

OK in all the years I've played music, I've never ever played in front of...or rather behind, my own paintings. Photo by Ed O'Connell.

That's 349, only 17 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 8th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 348
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 18 DAYS...

My mind is racing and my stomach is turning today. I have all these emotions swirling around my world, with my sister being sick, my vehicle needing repair, my band scheduled to play at 1PM tomorrow, the exact time that a funeral is being held for a local seacoast soldier who was Killed in Afghanistan last week. But the most disturbing thing of all? Is that FREAKING LUNATIC WEST BAPTIST CHURCH Group From Kansas is going to be at this kid's funeral protesting.

I want to be there to personally get in their faces and possibly be hit by one of them so I can unleash a Holy Hell on those gutless cowards who hide behind the police protection. What I would give for just 5 minutes alone with these idiots in a closed room with no way out. I know I know...but I'm sorry. This is crossing a line.

I'm posting the flyer here they have sent out, but be forewarned, it is disturbing.

I'm hoping that these cowards are only trying to cause a scene via the internet and really have no plan on showing up. They have been known to stage protests and then not show up. That's what cowards do. Besides their main concern must be their escape route. Exeter is hard to get out of once you're in there.

I have alerted the troops and we are making plans as I write this. The Funeral is at 10:15AM my gig is at 1PM...I may have just enough time to kill two birds with one stone. (Literally.)

The God I know and love, is a passionate and loving God who loves all human beings. Regardless if they are Gay, straight, bi-sexual, whatever...if you are a good person, and you have helped others along the will be rewarded.

If you are an asshole that attends this church and believes what these other like minded assholes believe, you too will be rewarded. By having your heads kicked in and spending an eternity in hell.

Molly give me the strength to kick some serious butt tomorrow or show some serious restraint.

That's 348, only 18 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 7th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 347
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 19 DAYS...

My sister had a rough day yesterday. A series of full body CT scans and bones scans that lasted all day at Mass General. Tomorrow she is slated for more of the same with the additional mold for her head. They need to build a helmet to hold her head steady for the radiation treatments. With 3 brothers and 2 other sisters she has a strong support group. It's just that this is just the beginning. Things are going get rough before they get better. I told everyone to buckle up. We're all on this ride together. There's strength in love and support.

Like every other time in my life when I am faced with uncertainty and emotional pain, my instinct is to head to the sea. With this being DAY 347 and facing just 19 more days...I spent a few extra hours shooting empty waves. While I was doing that, my sister had called, and her exact words were..."You're probably down catching your waves..." I was Evamarie, I was.

But ever since my kid sister was diagnosed with cancer, I catch one for her after Molly's wave. Today, I let the ocean wash over me time and time again. Each time a wave would break over me, my soul was cleansed.

If only the ocean could really cure all the pain and suffering in this world.

I watched my board drift through the wave face this morning and thought of how simple the whole concept of surfing really is.

Just 19 days left of carrying this board in and out of the feel the glide.
Only 19 days until this journey, this living breathing mission is over.

Molly please help my sister find the strength and courage that you had. My family will be as strong as yours was. You have all been an inspiration to all of us.

That's 347, only 19 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 6th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 346
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 20 DAYS...

Today was another beautiful day in New England. I mean it was as good a summer day as we can get around here. If you like it hot and sunny, with blue skies, and warm water to boot, well today was your kind of day. Oh and there was hardly anyone on the beach. If you like beach days like this, today was it.

I got to share waves today with a handful of friends. Hannah Vokey, Chris Sullivan, Heather O'Hara, and her two sons Gavin and James. I took a series of photos of the session. I caught my two waves almost immediately and then went into Photog mode. Though the waves themselves were not very good. The vibe was great.

This is Hannah. I'm not sure who the Gull is...but he seemed very interested in Hannah's stance and style.

This is Chris Sullivan. He seems pretty relaxed to me.

This is young Gavin O'Hara taking off on a fun little left.

This is James O'Hara sliding along on a sweet little right.

This is my hand and board as I was riding along the inside section.

This is the deep green...on this beautiful day. I hope the next 20 days go as smooth and carefree as today. And I really hope to be able to get in a surf with as many of my friends as possible before this thing is over. I know there's still a few of you who have yet to share a wave with me...just 20 days baby.

346, only 20 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 5th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 345
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 21 DAYS...

Today was a mixed bag of emotions and sensations. I started my day off by catching my two waves. The water was warm. I could of used a shorty. Hell I could of trunked it. It was that warm. It was almost tropical.

I caught my waves and met a nice couple, Mr and Mrs Beaghan from Haverhill. They were very nice and polite. They watched my camera for me as I surfed my waves. At first they were reluctant thinking I'd be out there too long. When I told them I'd be back before they finished their bagels they chuckled. Guess what? I was. In fact I asked if I could have a bite. We all laughed.

This is actually a photo of my wax melting off my board . Unintentionally.

My wife and I went to hang out in the sun for a few hours before we had to take our son for his first check-up since his surgery. The water was so warm I bodysurfed. And then I ran into Johna Klebenov and we chatted. She was surfing while I was bodysurfing. At one point I asked her if I could borrow her board for a few waves. She let me and I caught a few and then Cory and I left. Thanks Johna.

We took Max to the Hospital and the good news bad news is...he's healing fine. The bad news is he got the greenlight to Mow the Lawn! Oh yea baby! Start pushing!

Then we came home and heard the Verdict on Casey Anthony... NOT GUILTY!
Are you freaking kidding me? WTF??? It's like OJ all over

So I did what any sane person would do in my shoes. I took my young 8 month old German Short Hair "Patch" for a swim.

When things get crazy...the ocean is the only place that makes sense to me.

"Sink or swim Patch...?" And he swam...Good Boy.

I found this stick on the beach this morning...reminds me of "The Game of Thrones".
Meanwhile Casey Anthony is FREE AS A DOG...

345, only 21 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 4th 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 344
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 22 DAYS...
HAPPY 4th Of July!!

I can't tell you how many times I've driven by this statue. Gotta be in the tens of thousands. But I can tell you, that each time I did, I would glance over at it. There was something about it, that evoked an emotion in me that was unlike any other statue I had ever seen. You can imagine what it was like for me and my brothers having grown up with Davey Crockett and John Wayne to see something like this.

That Union Soldier picking up the American Flag from a Fallen comrade as he charges off into battle. That's powerful stuff. It still is for me, and many other Americans. To me, this statue in the cozy town of Topsfield, Massachusetts exemplifies Memorial Day, Flag Day, and The 4th Of July, all rolled into one.
Happy 235th Birthday America!

There wasn't much in the way of surf today. But clearly enough for me.

This is Peter Basler. I met Peter and his wife Nancy this morning as I was going for my daily waves. I looked over and saw his Marine Corps cover (hat) and walked over and introduced myself. Turns out Peter was in Nam from 67-68. Those were
not the best times to be there. Peter fought in the battle of Dai Do. That was such
a heavy battle for the Marines that not many people know about.

It was great meeting Peter today on our nation's birthday. Semper Fi Peter.

Happy 4th of July Molly...

That's 344, only 22 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 3rd 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 343
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 23 DAYS...

If they had lived long enough, my parents would of been celebrating their 62nd Wedding Anniversary today. My dad passed away in 2000 and my Mom passed away in 2007. I'm just so happy that they made it to 50 years. That was quite a milestone, especially in today's society. July 3rd 1949- July 3rd 1999.
50 years...whoa.

Happy Anniversary Ma and Dad! We all still miss and love you both.

The sky is overcast, but water is still warm. There is no surf...but I caught two.
Have a safe and Happy Fourth.

That's 343, only 23 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 2nd 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 342
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 24 DAYS...

I'm a history buff. I'm talking about Real history. Not the history that has been
re-written by certain politicians and history teachers. I think we can all agree on
the historical significance on this day in history, in the year 1863. When the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment charged down a hill, on a blistering hot summer day in Pennsylvania called "Little Round Top" on this very date, at a place called Gettysburg. It was the turning point in that battle.

If the Union had lost Little Round Top, they would of lost the entire battle of Gettysburg, and Lee would have marched straight to Washington. And who knows what might have happened?

My son had this poster hanging in his room for years. It's a painting by Mort Kunstler of the charge. Pretty powerful stuff.

My mission is no where near as significant as Chamberlain's. In fact, it pales in comparison. Life was different around here 148 years ago.... There was no surfing. And there were no fundraisers for something called "Cancer". The War on cancer continues today. Anyone who is dealing with cancer has to fight. You've got to keep fighting. Even against all odds. Charge down your own Little Round Top!

And no matter what...DON'T GIVE UP!

That's 342, only 24 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 1st 2011-July 26th 2011
Day 341
At Least One Wave, Every Day, For 365 Consecutive Days...
The LAST 25 DAYS...

If you all recall, I started this daily blog in PINK. Last July 2010, I used Pink as a background color. That was Molly's favorite color. I knew that I would sandwich this Year Long Blog In Pink...and well here we are. I don't know about you guys but for me? It's hard to believe it's all coming to an an end. It's been one hell of a ride.

But I'm no fool, I know it's not over yet, and with my luck? Ha! Put it this way, I'm not ruling anything out...besides it's Hurricane Season again.

I started this first day of July by catching my two waves. One For Molly, and one for my sister. Then I went in and grabbed my Canon D-10 and took a series of pics.

This is what I wore to the beach today. Don't ask me why I took this photo...maybe because it's July 4th Weekend, and my SURF FREE OR DIE Shirt has the Flag in the design... and I thought it interesting.

By now you all know how much I love empty waves. And empty waves of all sizes. I love the minis as much as I like the real waves. To me, they are all beautiful.
Photo By RALPH

wave washed over me this morning and I came up smiling.

My strange self portrait...I don't know I kind of like this. Photo by RALPH

imagination starts reeling out there. Photo by RALPH

I took this
knowing you would all get a kick out if it, that's why I'm smiling...

love looking down the line and into the magical mini wave...

341, only 25 more to go. I'll be back tomorrow.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...



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